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The Health and Beauty of Nature Tourism in Indonesia

The Health and Beauty of Nature Tourism in IndonesiaHave you ever heard about Indonesia? a country in Southeastern Asia. I think we all familiar with Bali Island, right! the famous island in Indonesia as a top travel destination. Million tourists visit Bali every year. Sometimes tourists knew Bali very well but never knew Indonesia. Whereas Bali Island is located in Indonesia. As an Indonesian people I also proud with my country. I have promised to you that I want post a hub about travel destination in Indonesia. Because of several hubbers ask me, what next? So I am proud to present this hub to all of you. At least I am become tourism ambassador for my country. I introduced some interesting places in Indonesia around the world. My government hard works to protect my country from any interference, like terrorist. This is for safety and comfort of tourists during their stay in Indonesia. health and beauty
Actually Indonesia has many beautiful places for travel destination. I will tell to you about the beautiful of nature tourism in my country. I'll take you to travel in several beautiful places in Indonesia. And most of these places as a natural tourism place. All these places were created naturally by God. With various shape, color, contour and many items to support the beautifulness. Are you ready? I'll start with Komodo Island. Please continue to read.......
Komodo National Park

Have you ever seen the giant reptile in the world? you can see the giant reptile in this island. We usually called "komodo" (Varanus komodoensis) is an ancient reptile which still exists in the earth. Komodo National Park is an area consisting of several islands with sea water surrounding these islands. This island has unique natural conditions, like a vast savanna with lontar trees (Borassus flabellifer). The exactly place is between the island of Sumbawa (Nusa Tenggara Barat) and Flores (Nusa Tenggara Timur). The most attractive of this Island beside the giant reptile, there is water tourism. Like: fishing, snorkeling, diving, canoeing, boating. While on the land or island we can do several activities. Tourism potential that can be done is to observe wildlife, hiking, and camping. Visiting the National Park and enjoy the natural scenery is very fascinating experience that will never be forgotten. health and beauty

Just for information, Komodo National Park was nominated as the new seven wonder of the world. So, many Indonesian people vote this island in www.new7wonders.com. You can help this Island become the new seven wonders in the world by visiting http://www.pkdoctor.com

Ijen crater is located on the top of Mount Ijen. Mount Ijen is a series of volcanoes in eastern Java, like Bromo, Semeru, and Merapi. Ijen crater lies in altitude of 2368 meters above sea level. The most interesting of Ijen crater is the largest caldera on the island of Java. Caldera size around 28 kilometers. The size of crater itself around 960 meters times 600 meters with a depth of 200 meters. This crater is located at a depth of more than 300 meters below the caldera wall. This crater has a very high acidity level that is close to zero. So that that it can dissolve human body quickly. In addition, the temperature of this crater was reached 200 degrees celcius.health and beauty

Ijen crater is a large lake with a green mist which came from the sulfur fumes. The cold temperatures even reach two degrees Celcius, will add its own sensation. We can find special plants which exist only in the highlands, like Edelweis flower. In the morning when the sun shine we can see beautiful scenery from this crater. One that caught the attention of visitor from this crater is traditional sulfur miners. The sulfur miners take sulfur from the bottom of the crater. So when we near to this place don't forget to close your nose.

Do you like diving? I think this is the best place for you. Diving is a sport which is exciting. This activity is not only good for health, but also to calm the mind and inner satisfaction. Bunaken Island located in the north of Sulawesi Island which can be reached by aircraft from Jakarta for three hours ten minutes. Bunaken Marine Park is very famous as the top 10 most popular dive sites in the world to be visited. Offer spectacular dive to a depth of 100 meters and warm sea water. Bunaken Marine Park established by the Government as conservation areas with the width 79.065 ha. Bunaken National Park which is a conservation area has a very high marine biodiversity. There are three main ecosystems of tropical waters of Indonesia, namely: Coral Reef, Mangrove and Seagrass. There were fifty eight species of coral reefs and 2000 species of fish.

There's no off-season in Bunaken Marine Park. The best time to dive at this place between May and June. At that time, you will be greeted by crystal clear sea water and warm (air temperature 26 ° -31 ° C). Sea water is so calm and without waves. With visibility 20-35 meters allowing us to see clearly the charm of coral reefs and colorful fish with a depth of only 5 meters! Average depth of dives in Bunaken ranged from 5 to 40 meters. Diving in Bunaken is a special journey. We can see underwater view with the most amazing experience.

Toba Lake is the biggest lake in Indonesia. This lake located in North Sumatra Province, Indonesia. Toba Lake itself is a volcanic lake which occurs when there was an explosion of the volcano at 69000-77000 years ago. After the blast, create caldera (cavity in the ground after a volcanic eruption) which was then filled with water and we now know as Toba Lake. With a length of 100 kilometers, 30 kilometers wide and a depth of 505 meter (the largest volcanic lake in the world). The most interesting from this lake is there is an island called Samosir Island in the middle of this lake. health and beauty

If you want go to see the beautiful of Toba Lake, advised to stop over to Parapat Town. Through this town we can see the beautiful Lake Toba clearer. Parapat is one of tourism city in northern Sumatra. So do not worry for accommodation like hotel and so on.

This beach is located in Pecatu, Southern of Bali island. This is the most beautiful beach in Bali beside Kuta Beach. It takes 30 minutes from Kuta beach. Dreamland Beach was surrounded by high towering cliffs and by fairly large rocks around the coast. This beach so beautiful, it doesn't like Kuta. Kuta Beach has dense by visitors. Of course with this situation we would be more comfortable and we can enjoy the atmosphere of the beach that also famous as a place to surf. Dreamland beach is currently being developed as a tourist area. It called Bali Pecatu Resorts complete with 18 hole golf courses, international schools, international hospitals, shopping malls and other tourist facilities.Dreamland beach will become exclusive tourist area.

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