Tuesday, July 31, 2012

10 Tips to Keep Health and Beauty All Time

10 Tips to Keep Health and  Beauty All Time

Healthy is really important to all of us. Without a good body, we face many healthy problems which could lead to diseases. Here is simple ways how you could put yourself in healthy condition always. Even though these tips look simple but practical and works.
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1. Drink plenty of water everyday. Recommended is 8 glasses of plain water everyday. Not coke or flavoured water like tea, coffee and etc. The warm water is more preferable. By drinking the recommended amount of water can help on removing toxins in body, skin care health and also help body burn excessive calories in our body. But be careful, by drinking above the recommended amount or too much water would be given bad effects too.
health and beauty

Exercise, good for your health and spiritual too. One of Arabic word says " The good brain is comes from healthy body". With having a good brain, you can think wisely and act actively. Walk around your house is a form of exercise. Don't be lazy to exercise. After wake up from sleep, try to do streching to improve blood circulation.

3. Do not smoke. Smoking is danger to our life. It affect not only the smoker but also to people around smoker. Second hand smoker is much affected than a smoker. Want your kids got astma? or handicap kids? Many diseases come from smoking habits like lung cancer, mouth cancer, malfunction of breathing system and etc. Love your family and friends. Don't let them suffer because of you.
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4. Take enough sleep. Human are recommended to sleep 6-8 hours daily. Please ensure your body rest. If not, you will look older than your actual age. People wihout eniugh sleep also will look dull and black-eyed. Do sleep around 10 minutes in afternoon, you will feel fresh and active after wake from afternoon sleep. This tip is recommended by specialist.

5. At a certain time, allows your skin a rest from wearing any makeup. Skin is the biggest organ of human body. Skin should be breathing too. Don't let residual of makeup stick on your face in bed. 6. Eat enough food but don't excessice. Stop eat before you full but don't waste your food. In order to keep your body healthy, please note that good food is better because food is the major reasons the wellness of your body. Food provides energy and vitamins but excessive food leads to extra work of internal body organs. Try supplement also to maintain your body like vitamins or herbs. Junk food and fast food not good for your body. Prevention is better than treatment.
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7. Spending yourself for facial or washing hair in saloon, spa and sauna or just enjoy the bubble bath at home. Not neccesarily at spa, you could spend your own spa at home by finding variuos types of flowers because flowers have energy to keep your body healthy and beauty. In facts that, the smell of flowers is very good.

8. Avoid stress. Stress accelerates aging process. There are many causes could let to stress. Learn more about stress management.Stress let to disaster. Some people stress, he will angry to others. As a result,people hates him. Enjoy soft music in room to relieve tension.
health and beauty
9. Be happy always. Treat yourself to great and beautiful. sure you will look great. If we are confident of ourseld, we will look beautiful and steady. Try to make people happy, then you'll be happy. This principle I learn from shopkeeper.

10. Lastly, laught is a best medicine. So try to laugh when meeting with family or friend. The other way is try to make joke to let people laugh. When people laugh, then automatically you'll be laugh too.

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