Friday, June 8, 2012

Physiotherapy For Children Below 18 - 4 Must Knows For Caregivers

For those who are under the age of 18 years, a children's physiotherapist would be required to deal with any kind of problem that needs this sort of therapy. Sometimes children injure themselves and this calls for physiotherapy too.

1. What requires the physiotherapist's assistance
If the problem is not due to an illness or a disorder by birth, then there is usually an injury that is not healing that calls for the help of a physiotherapist. These problems could be broken bones, sprains, injuries to joints or even surgery related problems. Unlike the fully grown adult body, a child's body is still developing and needs to be taken care of properly to ensure that the defect does not hamper their growth progress and their activities. If this is neglected it will retard the child's motivation too and the child will feel left behind and not even try to better his performance.

2. How does a children's physiotherapist begin treatment?
Just like treatment for adults, even for children the first and foremost thing to be done is a proper diagnosis of the problem. Once the physiotherapist has ascertained the root of the problem then the therapy begins. The therapist has to consider sever factors in the treatment of children such as emotional and mental health, nutrition and eating habits, motor skills and the growth and development of the child physically.

A pediatrician studies the early development of an infant from birth to see if the muscles are developing properly. In new borns this is essential of the neck muscles to see if the head is supported sufficiently and if the child can raise the head. The movements of a child are a clue to the development of the organs, muscles and bones. If the growth rate is satisfactory it is fine, but if this is lagging behind for some reason then the cause will have to be found out and treatment started to ensure that the growth rate is enhanced and brought to the normal category soon.

3. Areas of physiotherapy for children
Children sometimes require therapy with regard to their speaking abilities and language development too. Other areas that need therapy are the lungs and chest therapy, therapy for the bones or orthopedic therapy and massage of the affected areas. Children of different age groups require physical therapists to help them with various problems. A physiotherapist helps kids with posture education, safe stretches, joint manipulation, mobilization and exercises. They also have methods of assisting children and helping them to live with and cope with down syndrome, dyspraxia, multiple sclerosis, muscle weakness, allergies, headaches, injuries of the spine, cystic fibrosis, cerebral palsy and many other disorders and diseases that effect children.

4. Manual methods of physiotherapy
Those who have undergone training in physiotherapy and are fully qualified in this method of treatment, use massage therapy to sooth the areas that are affected and also to strengthen muscles and bones and to get rid of the pain in the affected areas. Apart from the massage they also use equipment like ultrasound instead of injections, narcotics and drugs to relieve the discomfort and pain and also swellings. Qualified physiotherapists also train parents to use the different techniques to help their children especially if it is difficult to find a physiotherapist in the areas where they reside.

Physiotherapy for children encompasses many areas that are required for the development of children, like the circulatory system, respiratory system, muscles and bones and tendons. This will assist the child in their growth and well being right through their life.

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